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Shop The Internet: & Other Straw Bags (Not Birkin!)

As if you aren’t shopping hard enough…here’s a brand new series of ‘SHOP THE INTERNET’ brought to you by well-informed, slightly obsessive (not crazy) shoppers who thrive on ‘adding to cart’. You’re most welcome. 

GOOD NEWS: You don’t need an Hermès to channel Jane Birkin. The second most famous bag that Jane’s known for has attained its IT status for a while now and looks like it’s here to stay. With Jeanne Damas and Adenorah being the poster girls, it’s apparent that there’s a straw/wicker bag for every occasion. You already have three? No problem, the more the merrier. Besides, these effortlessly stylish pieces are as laissez-faire as it gets. 

Personal favourite: Amelie Pichard’s abag rocking. You look like you understand fashion, but with that nostalgia and cheekiness, you look like you have an interesting story to tell.

This bag will remind you of your grandmother’s rocking chair.

Amelie Pichard, €990

Loewe, £208/$380

Zara, £25.99
Elizabeth and James, $145 ZARA, £29.99