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ACDAIN.COM is an interactive digital platform which thrives on good ideas, surprises, meaningful dialogues and socially rewarding programmes. In this space, there’s no room for gossip, hearsay or prescriptive old-school prose, only love and positive energy. Because ‘we tell ourselves stories in order to live’—they better be good.
One thing that drives us is the desire to create for the young women around us, they are a cult of curious, intelligent, passionate, fun and global-minded individuals. What’s really going on with their lives? we’re interested in that conversation. We want that conversation to happen so bad that we’ve also created an AI-based messenger bot named Baby. We hope to personalize the digital experience for the users in such a clever, deceptively easy way that it can cut through the noise.
ACDAIN is designed to be beautiful, intuitive and fun to play with. Frankly, it’s hardly an algorithm. Let’s forget about the whole ‘changing the world’ ideal—we hope it brings you a little joy every day and inspires powerful thoughts. It should mean whatever you want it to mean: maybe it’s an inspiration vault, a chic shopping pal, a magazine that curiously makes cute stickers. Maybe it’s a feeling. 
To claim your power and gifts, Let’s get started.

Chief Acdain

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Built for the global girl on the go, who enjoys random musings and is always hungry for a new adventure.