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How To Document Your Last Voyage

What to collect for your journal:
  • Train tickets – the beginning and ending of an adventure
  • Restaurant receipts -(or any receipts) the food you ate is a good way to remember the place
  • Museum pass – when, where and what did you discover
  • Souvenir wrapper – oh pretty wrappers, they are delightful
  • Polaroid pictures – take one, it lasts longer
  • Maps – mark the sights you went and that cosy Airbnb studio you stayed in
  • Luggage tag – it’s something you can’t regenerate
  • Something with your name on – something fun like ceramic or embroidery
  • Bookmarks – to put in the journal or the book you brought on a trip
  • Unusual postcards (vintage if possible!!) – you may not come here again for the rest of your life so let’s get on with it